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Meet the Speaker

Dave Morris

Dave Morris is a business strategist, husband, father, musician and Wollongong local.

Starting out as a touring musician from the age of 14 Dave’s first ‘real job’ was as a finance & business analyst before starting his own management consulting firm. After a successful exit from his firm he moved into the world of venture capital working with tech focused startups and growth phase organisations.

After working with some of the biggest names in the business including Google, Mastercard and KFC Dave realised that, while he was driving the performance of the businesses he was in control of or advising to, it was at the neglect of his family.

Now married with 3 boys & a dog Dave splits his time between his family, The Lemonade Group, Content Mars & sitting on boards.

Speaking Topics


Most people spend time trying to be a great business leader while also trying to be a great family leader. When we try and master two things at the same time either both suffer or we favour one.

But there is a better way.

In this keynote, Dave speaks about the parallels between business & family leadership and how leaders can master & execute one harmony skill set to drive performance in both business and family.

Business Ecology

Everything is connected. Earth is in a constant state of flux trying to maintain balance. The smallest change can have seemingly unrelated effects you never thought of.

The same is true for business.

In this keynote, Dave dives into business organisations as an ecosystem uncovering how the organisms interact and how changes within the business environment, from marketing to customer service to lunch, can have unexpected flow on effects.

Gladiator Mindset

As business leaders, we are more closely aligned with the life of a gladiator than we think. Many feel enslaved by their business and fight every day to try and achieve a life of freedom and riches.

The Gladiator Mindset is all about accepting challenge, training to win and fighting for freedom.

In this keynote, Dave imparts lessons taken from the those who fought for their lives in the colloseum and how we can use this mindset to help us accept challenge and win against all odds.

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